Mykel illa

Bass, vocals

Mykel, born in Pasadena, California, started his performance career in theater which then moved to film and then the music scene! Only picking up the bass 'cause his first band made him back in July of 2015 at 19 years old! When he isn't playing music or being a broista, he is either gaming; or gaming...

Caleb Shumate

lead vocals

My name's Caleb. A couple facts about me; 

Favorite show, "Friends", favorite color, green, my hobbies are music coffee and Animal Planet. If I could spend one day with a celebrity it would be Robin Williams. Songs  About Jane is my favorite album. The coolest thing about being in a band so far is the endless possibilities, the food/beer tokens, the shows, music is definitely my escape. There is something so incredible about relations words and emotions with sound. I'm extremely blessed to be doing something I love with my best friends, if you're not having fun in life, what's the point?

Kevin Macdonald

lead guitar

"I was born September 29th, 1996. Believe's he set the record for the world's fastest birth (under one hour). I moved to Arizona when I was a toddler, and lived there for eight years, then moved to Oregon City."

Hannah Shumate


Hannah is the product of an awesome mindset and a deep desire to write groovy tunes to share to the world. She worked up the ranks through the church to master her workplace behind they synths and grands. Her and her brother make killer songs with their similar taste and theory, the tru dynamic duo. While she's not living the rockstar life, she slings killer bean.

christian Cochran


Started in the business playing with various bands across the Portland scene, has broken 19 sticks this year (9/20/19), the drums are way too cozy of a spot to pass up for any occasion, is guaranteed to lay tasty licks down every show.